1. "I’ve always been a big fan of romance, and I think this story kind of captured the idea of meeting somebody and then an unexpected, unintentional night, unfolding in a really pure manner." (x)

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  2. Get out of here. Now.

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    looks like bengledick crinklesniff lost this round

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    Season 1 vs Season 5 


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    Front & back

    his shoulders are literally as broad as his shield i’m oN tHE FLOoR

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    "Oh this darn wind does nothing for the hair style…"

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  10. Pretty much the only happy ending that matters.

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    Caesar flickerman is me

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  12. orphan black meme: one otp [1/1] » Alison/Donnie

    You are married? Yes. Oh, yes, very much so. To Donnie. Well, it’s very rewarding, if you can get through the rough patches.”

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    Aiden’s death + reactions


  14. Chris Evans + The Beard

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